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Bosses urged to check Bebo

On the news this evening they were talking about how bosses should “reach out” to potential employees on social networking web sites such as Bebo according to ISME. I’m surprised a little that this is news to anyone! Anyone that thinks they are talking from behind a screen when they talk openly anywhere online and it’s saying something about people just by them thinking that way. We should all realise by now we are traceable by our IP address.

Bebo has an option to be “private” which makes you unaccessable via search engines, if you’re in anyway shady or like to talk about being lax at work, this option is for you. On the other hand, which wasn’t mentioned in the news, its yet another means to impress employers (or customers /clients). I have no problems with my businesses, customer or suppliers reading anything i say online. I wouldn’t say anything in text that i wouldn’t say to someones face. But there are means to impress online. Think how many service providers /products you’ve discovered as a result of blogs?

I think this focus on social networking sites will in due course become less weighted in the decision making program. In the coming down turn in Ireland, many smart people will end up competing for new jobs. The smart ones could easily set up ‘staged’ blogs, bebo or facebook sites. Think about it, how easy would it be to set up an account and send it messages that imply you are the most hard working stand up employee known to man; and since its apparent “third party” info its semingly more credible. Enter the two edged sword for vetting employees.

Aqua Lung new album for 2007

Aqua Lung are releasing a second album according to the press release with their last single “Pressure Suit”, Not mad about that track in particular, but was crazy about their first album and will be very keen to get a copy of the second. Here’s the track that first got me hooked:

Bring on the new album i can’t wait!

Beach Angel 2007

Fierce Angel is due to release this years Beach Angel on the 13th of this month. Being a big fan of Mark Doyles taste in music and his compilations i’m quite excited about it. It promises to be packed with jems.


Here’s the Tracklistings:

Disc 1

Kwame Drevon & Frankie Boissey – Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Clique Feat Robina – Reasons (EK’S Angelic 12″)
Wamdue Project Feat Heather Johnson – Washes Over Me (Wamdue Main Mix)
Fac15 Feat Cathi O – Twisted By The Pool (Beach Angel ’07 12″)
Miguel Migs – So Far (Album Mix)
Latrice Barnet – Illuminate (Original 12″ Mix)
Jephete Guillame Pres AK – Shining Your Way (Shining Main Vocal)
Ananda Project – Universal Love (Jay J’s Shifted Up Mix)
Danny Campbell – Answer My Prayer (Candy Apple Mix)
Peyton – Holiday (EK’s Getaway 12″)
Kaskade – Never Ending (Extended Mix)

Disc 2

Wamdue Project – Forgiveness (Beach Angel ’07 Mix)
Bonnie Bailey – Safe (Eric Kupper 2007 Remix)
Samantha James – Rise (Eric Kupper Mix)
Belle – Surfacing (Rize & 7th Heaven Remix)
Freemasons – Pacific (12″ Mix)
Eighteen Feat Stephanie Mills – (You’re Putting ) A Rush On Me
Cerrone VS Sweet Connection – Misunderstanding (Original Club Mix)
James Kakande – You You You (Alex Gaudino & Jerma Mix)
Albert Cabrera Feat Alex Cartana – Dig The Vibes (Original)
Locktown Feat Alexandra Prince – Alive(12″ Original Mix)
Bassmonkeys Feat Naomi Marsh – The Answer (Eric Kupper Mix)

Disc 3

Negrocan – Cada Vez (Grant Nelson Vocal)
Dubtribe Soundsystem – Do It Now (Knee Deep Club Mix)
Masters At Work Pres India – To Be In Love (Knee Deep Re-Edit)
Junior Jack – E Samba (Rasmus Faber’s Cancao De Nega Mix)
Etherfox – The Whirled You Live (Sixty Six Mix)
Rasmus Faber feat Emily McEwan – Ever After (Rasmus Faber Main Mix)
Armand Van Helden Presents – Everytime I Feel It (Richard Grey Mix)
Salome De Bahia – Outro Lugar (Cutee B & Julian Jabre Mix)
Mambana – Libre (Axwell Vocal Mix)
Gadjo Feat Alexandra Prince – So Many Times (Original 12″ Mix)
Afro Medusa – Pasilda (Original 12″ Mix)

[Disk three are oldies but goodies, Cada Vez really brings me back to the old Nova days of doing my “Drive Time” Radio show in a sweltering studio on a summer afternoon]

Also this years EsVive album is yet again the sound track to my summer, only leaving my car for the occasional BBQ beach party. I’d highly recommend it!

I’m getting the itch to stay in the Es Vive hotel now…

Nokia N95

I saw this vid on Irish Mobile Phone Blog and i decided i had to have it! It should arrive tomorrow.

CheapChats 0818 272774 access number is currently down

CheapChat Irelands access number 0818 27 27 74 was down. This is due to technical problems and although the technical guys are working flat out at fixing it, i’d imagine it will take a few more days. For now i suggest using our 1520 932 904 instead of the 0818 272 774 number to access all our national rate numbers this will connect to all. However this will cost 15c/per min, instead of the 8c peak/ 5c off-peak as usuall.

I apologise to all my customer and appreciate all the e-mails that have come in. Also i have been blown away by the supportive nature of the e-mails, I haven’t had one negative comment one as of yet dispite how badly i feel about the service being down for our regular users. Clearly we have incredible customers.


Update: The 0818272774 access number is back up and running. Thanks for all the support.