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Finally a decent slow song!

Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah

So yeah its been around over a year, but now its on general release and is EVERYWHERE i go! Possibly the best written slow song written in recent years, This song has been stuck in my head for over a week now and trust me its not a pleasant sound hear me singing it while in the office. 🙂

It’s got around 9 millions view on youtube which is epic!

Album is out 3rd Sept and i’d be betting its a number one.

And there next song ain’t bad either… Its about a break up… Do you reckon its the same girl??

Subsistence rates

Had a conversation today with a friend who told me how “great” his accountant was, he thought because he didn’t pay that much for the accountant / book keeper (which is really what the guy was) that he was getting value for money!!!

When it comes to this type of thing in my opinion cheap is rarely cheerful. The guy saved a few hunderd quid in fee’s and showers out multiples of the fees in unnecessary taxes. Since he hadn’t given the accountant / book keeper his milage and subsistence hours he wasn’t recieving all his entitled tax breaks! Below are the main rates but ISME has all the relative explanations for them.

Overnight rates

Class of allowance__ Normal Rate__ Reduced Rate____ Detention Rate
A Class____________ €140.44_______ €129.48________ €70.21
B Class____________ €132.18_______ €113.05________ €66.12

Daily Rates

Allowance 10 hours or more

5 hours but less than 10 hours

I. Class of Allowances
The rate of allowance depend on the grade of officer. The approximate grade levels, and present minimum annual salaries, are broadly as follows:

Class A:
Assistant Principals, comparable and higher grades. €50,698

Class B:
Executive and higher Executive Officers and comparable grades €28,285

For individuals who are obliged to use their car in the normal course of their duties:
Motor Cars effective from the 1st of July 2006

Official Motor Travel in Calendar Year Engine Capacity

________________________________Up to 6437km________6438km and over
up to 1200cc______________________52.16 cent___________ 26.97 cent
Engine Capacity 1201cc to 1500cc____61.66 cent___________ 30.96 cent
Engine Capacity 1501 cc and over_____78.32 cent___________36.65cent

Phone Boxes a thing of the past

Eircom are starting to remove phone boxes around Ireland as they become a tool of the past. With mobile devices so common there is simply no need for them anymore. Eircom did state however that there will “always be a need for phone boxes”!

In my opinion Eircom should have taken the initative some time ago and changed with the times. Why don’t, for example, Eircom add mobile phone express chargers into their phone boxes. Punters could pay a euro or two and have a little locker based mechanism – enter a pin code and you can go off for ten to fifteen mins and shop or get a coffee. Come back, enter your unique pin code and pick up a fully charged phone. Ok so its not their core business, but it would utilise a facility (the phone box) that is uniquely theirs and generate profits.

Trouble remembering names?

This weekend my girls at taboo came up with a genious solution to my difficulty remembering names:



SEO – Boost your Google juice using WordPress

Saw this Post on Damien Mulley’s Blog and found it so excellent i wanted to share it here:

Matt Cutts is the guy inside the Google search engine bunker who talks to the outside world. He was at the recent WordPress meetahon and gace a great talk on ways to get Google to love you even more. Read his blog post and notes, read a written transcript and thanks to onemansblog, here is a video of the talk:”

David Guetta – Love is Gone

New David Guetta Single freom POP LIFE, already on release.


Annoyed by itunes on this track. They’ve locked the 12″ mix so if you have to by the whole “album” which is really just the 4 mixes you’d get on the cd single, if you want to get the extended club mix. Yet another reason why DJ’s resent iTunes.

Its not on BeatPort but i did buy “Freedom” which has a savage Ghostbusters sample.

Spektrum – We All Live & Die

Released On Data Records 10th of Sept, Digital Release.
IMO: 7/10

Originally released on on Playhouse records, yet another electo anthem.

Jason Brooks Returns to illustrate Hed Kandi

My Favourite artist / Illustrator Jason Brooks returns to Hed Kandi after they tried without him unsucessfully to replicate his style. Fair play to the gang at Hed Kandi for going back to the winning formula.

I bought my first piece of his work a month ago (a print from his web site) and i absolutely love it:


I’m already itching to get more, hey Jason let me know when some new stuff is up, preferably one in a blonde!!! 🙂

Don’t mess with my man

Yet another example of Hed Kandi Vs Fierce Angel bumping heads. Fierce Angel came out with “Buzzjunkies – Don’t mess with my Man” on their Es Vive 2007 compliation. And this morning the Promo arrived for the Hed Kandi take on this track released by Lucy Pearl in 2000. Having first mover advantage by getting into the main stream singles market Booty Luv are gonna ash in on this remix with good reason. They are the big guns, well established compared to the Buzzjunkies and with Seamus Haji on the remix they can’t go wrong. I’m a bit on the fence as to which ones better though. I think i’ll be playing the Buzzjunkies if its the start of the night and Booty Luv during the middle of the night – its got more of a sing along factor.

Both of them get 8 / 10 IMO.
Booty Luv Released 10th September, available on Hed Kandi Download as of the 3rd of Sept. Debute album Boogie 2Nite released at the same time.

Booty Love – Don’t mess with my man:

Today i cancelled my account with AudioBook rental club Jiggerbug having exhausted their entire business section of downloadable audio books. For over a year i was a very happy customer and would consider re-joining if they expanded their library.

Today however they did surprise me however. Customers are unable to cancel their account online, and have to make the international call during their business hours (ok so i don’t have a problem with international calls I own a telecom business which gives free international calls) still the time difference is inconvienient. I was a touch surprised you couldn’t just do this online, if i could it would make it easrier to just have suspended the account and re-join. Where’s the customer focus in that?

So where to go next to continue what is a very convenient way of learning. Maybe