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“What got you here, Wont get you there”

Got to thinking this morning when people have a success they tend to correlate everything they did leading up to that success with the end result. At first glance that does seem to make sense, but what if that success is inspite of your efforts not because of them. Is the fact that we contiune to do what gave us results before the sole reason that we arent getting better results? Could it be a case that because someone is doing good they are less likely to be do Great??

Speed Reading

Being dyslexic i completely suck at reading fast, but have decided to commit to improving. I try to read about one business related book every two weeks and i go through 1/2 audio books per week as part of my goal to become proficient at business. I was close to signing up for speed reading courses but the times never suit me and i’m always so busy that even if i make the first lesson i’m not sure i’d be there for the 3rd. Today i found this guy on YouTube and i thought it was so helpful to me that i’d post it up here so others can benefit from this guys knowledge.

Subliminal advertising

I saw this the following video of Derren Brown demonstrating the power and manipulation that is available in subliminal advertising a few years ago and it’s never really left my mind. Saw it on Daniel’s blog and thought i’d post it here too.

Then i looked some other of his stuff and thought that this is amazing sales training! Really you could make a million from this skill alone!

Jumbletown freecycling

I had my first experience with “freecycling” today. The concept is that one mans junk is another mans treasure. So today a very nice couple collected my old couches from my house, which otherwise i would have had to pay to have removed and disposed of. It was a definate win win situation and i’m completely sold on the conecpt now. There’s loads of different sites, i used one of the biggest Irish sites.